Save Money With Annual Roof Inspections

Roof Maintenance

The roof on your home is subjected to everything the British weather can throw at it for year after year.

Small roof damage is often ignored but can quickly lead to more expensive repairs if not dealt with quickly.

Cement tiles and slate are the two most widely used roofing materials in the UK.

Minor damage can soon start to cost a lot of money if left un-repaired. Maintenance is essential to keep your costs down.

A house roof protects you from the worst of the weather, heat as well as cold, wildlife and plant growth. All these things can damage it over time.


These different weather conditions and circumstances put great stresses on your roof.

Roofs expand and contract with the seasons and over time tiles and slates can crack, slip or break, allowing rain into your property.

Roof tiles, ridges, cement work, chimneys etc. can also be damaged by birds and wildlife.

Stormy weather will soon blow loose slates and tiles off your roof, causing a danger to people below.

Something as simple as a missing or slipped tile can allow a strong wind to lift your roof into the street.

Cement flashing around brickwork and chimneys is susceptible to moisture which will soon cause damage once it is allowed to penetrate the cement. These are often the first areas of a roof to need maintenance.

Wooden fascias also need maintaining to stop them from rotting. That rot can soon spread to your roof trusses causing a more costly problem to repair.

Because we generally don’t go near our roofs, we tend to take them for granted until they cause a problem. Quite often a little maintenance would have prevented a large repair bill or insurance claim.

Maintaining your roof will protect the value of your property and your investment. A stitch in time quite often saves nine later on.

Annual roof inspections provides piece of mind and will allow your roof to easily withstand the worst of our winter weather in the years to come.

A regular inspection of your roof can prevent unwanted disasters from occurring by making sure that your roof is all securely in place and water tight.

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