Clay Shooting

Easy Clay Shooting Guide

Basic Shotgun Designs

Semi-Automatic, Over and Under and Side by Side are the 3 main gun designs used by the majority of shooters.

Side by side shotguns are regularly used by traditional game shots. The 2 barrels are Continue reading

How To Choose Quality Solar Lights

Garden Lighting Guide

Solar powered lighting technology has advanced in recent years, and now provides more effective illumination at reduced prices.

Installing solar lighting is far cheaper than equivalent traditional mains lighting. Without the requirements of mains power, solar powered lights offer much more Continue reading

Google SEO Tutorial

Google Panda & Penguin Tutorial Introduction

Were you affected by the Google Panda algorithm or the Google Penguin algorithm? Penguin is the cause if you can see a drop in Google traffic on the 24th April 2012.

Another Penguin indicator is that your rankings drop the most for the keywords you have used the most in the anchor text in your backlinks. Continue reading